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Carissa and Robbie's Emotional Nashville Church Wedding

Carissa Biele & Robbie Murray

September 29, 2019

Vine Street Christian Church

Nashville, Tennessee

Planner: Carissa Biele

Designer & coordinator: Toss and Turn Music City (Deana Slemp, Sara Bruce and crew)

Photography: Mainstreet Photography

Second Photographer: Oh Snap Images By Amanda

Videography: 364 Productions (Andrew Korte)

Catering: Amanda Lash Humphrey Getaway

Sparklers: High Tone Entertainment

DJ: Mark Harrell

String Musicians: Kelly Hagan, Meghan Perdue, Maggie Chafee

Organ: Micah Snow

Pastor: Ben Anderson

Getaway Car: Tony Formosa & friends

After Party Transport: Old Time Trolley

After Party location: Fsmous Saloon Nashville

Dress: BERTA

Hair & Makeup: R&Co Bridal Beauty Team

Carissa and Robbie's remains one of my favorite wedding days. They are the most beautiful people both inside and out.

Nestled in the heart of Nashville is a hidden gem - Vine Street Christian Church. Its 2 story organ pipes and windows made it the perfect classic setting for Carissa and Robbie to begin their lives together.

Carissa has an eye for beauty, and her DIY details, like her brooch bouquet, were to die for.

But what really stole the spotlight was her designer gown by Berta.

hough, perhaps, not remarkable on the hanger, Carissa and this dress were made for each other.

However, what I will remember most about Carissa and Robbie's big day wasn't the details, or the dress, or the food. It was the somber undertones that were hidden beneath the surface of Carissa's smiles.

ou see, every girl tends to dream of moments like her father walking her down the aisle, or her father's face seeing her in her beautiful dress for the first time. However, Carissa's father has passed away. She is left with her mother who suffers from Dementia. Really, Carissa may be the one who suffers the most. I can't imagine the pain, at Carissa's still young age, of watching a parent fading away. While her mother does have her good days, and I know Carissa cherishes them, I doubt her mother remembers her daughter's wedding. In the moments leading up to the ceremony, Carissa, with her gentle demeanor, explained to her mother that she was getting married that day. She repeated this softly and tenderly to her multiple times, but I don't believe her mother ever fully understood.

What I loved the most was seeing the way Carissa could connect with her mother through music. By playing popular 1960s tunes on her phone, Carissa was able to breath life into her mother. She would pop out of her distant state and begin dancing, swaying, and singing to the music. It was amazing to see the way the long term memory is preserved.

was able to capture this touching moment as everything else faded away and Carissa comforted her overwhelmed mom.

At the end of the day, Carissa had to make the hard decision that walking her down the aisle would be too physically and mentally taxing on her mom, but her uncle was able to step in.

The church's floor to ceiling pipe organ and cross shaped window offered a classic backdrop.

Live instrumentalists played for a romantic elegance.

These two could have not been more beautiful, inside and out.

Their first dance was romantic, but could not compare to what followed.

In leui of a father-dance, Carissa and Robbie, family, and friends, watched a slideshow tribute to her deceased father set to music.

It was an emotional moment for all, and I believe those feelings are preserved in this image.

To exit for the night, fountain fireworks erupted as they got into their classic getaway car.

It was a day we will always remember.


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