You're unique.


They're all unique to you. 

Your photos should be too. 

Where "Say Cheese" is never uttered and genuine reactions reign supreme.

Want to know more? Keep reading.



Every Wedding Package begins with an engagement session. Whether you've done one with another photographer a while back, or just don't see them as a necessity, every couple is highly encouraged to meet with me for an engagement session. I use this in place of a "let's meet for coffee" date (unless that's what a couple prefers). It accomplishes all the same purposes but is much more fun!

The Pros:

  • You get some awesome photos of the two of you for every day use, outside of your formal wedding photos.

  • We get to meet and break the ice before the big day.

  • Your wedding day posing flows so much better because you're used to my flow.

  • You get to see my edits on yourself and make sure they fit your vision before the wedding.

  • If you realize insecurities during your engagement, we can make sure to show off your best side on the big day.

  • Your fiancé isn't dreading couple's photos because he knows I won't force him to do anything uncomfortable.

  • It's complimentary. You're not paying extra for it. So why not?

  • My wedding retainers are about the same price as my Engagement sessions. That means this acts as a trial. If you're not in love with your Engagement experience you can cancel your Wedding contract. Consider it Risk Free. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Cons:

  • Too many photos, I guess?


My Editing Style

Bold. Vibrant. Natural.

True to Life Colors With a Pop of Magic.

One preset - or set of purchased presets - doesn't look good on every image.

I begin by editing one image from the day to create a completely unique preset all  my own.

Once I've got everything tweaked and looking great, I copy those settings on to the surrounding images.

But as soon as the location changes, or the sun moves - rinse and repeat until every image looks their best.

Carissa + Robbie 09.28.19-238.jpg

My Posing Style

Looking for someone who won't stop the pose to tell you to reposition your pinky finger?

Oh, hi, that's me!

Everyone who comes to me says "I'm sorry, we're awkward."

Seriously, everyone says that. You're not the first and you won't be the last.

But awkwardness comes from being nervous and uncomfortable. By talking and laughing instead of focusing on posing, your expressions and body language will be relaxed, and your photos will come across as happy and genuine. My goal is for you to forget I'm there, so don't worry "Oh no, we've been so busy talking to each other we forgot to look at the camera!" That just means you've fallen perfectly into my plot for perfect unposed posing. Muahahaha!

Some of my favorite prompts I use to trigger a genuine reaction:

"In your sexiest voice, whisper in her ear as many breakfast cereals as you can think of." 

"Run into each other's arms like you're in the climax of a Hallmark movie and you've just caught them at the airport before they got on the plane to leave."

"Show me your 'We just got married' face!"

Emelyne and Luke 10.10.20-476.jpg

Packages & Pricing


I believe in complete transparency with pricing. I don't require you to give me an email address, phone number, and first born child to find out if I'm in your budget.

Wedding Photography Packages range between $1200-$2200 plus tax.

Elopement Photography Packages start at $600.

Engagement sessions range from $250-$300 depending on location and are included free with every Wedding Package.

I don't tell you these prices and then have an average client spend of $4000. No additional fees to purchase your digitals, and Wall Art and Albums are optional with no high pressure sales tactics. 

That's why you can find every package and see exactly what it includes right here. 

However, if you don't see the price you're looking for, I'd still love to hear from you and see what we can customize. 

Build Your Own Packages start at $300 per hour of coverage.

emelyne and luke movie theater.jpg

Limited Availability

There are 52 weeks in the year. Photographer NINJAS like Taylor Jackson shoot 60+ weddings in a year.

I accept up to 12 weddings per year. This allows for an average 2 or more week break between events to ensure:

A sneak peak within 48 hours.

I'm not confusing your details with someone else's.

Shorter turnaround times on galleries.

No outsourced editing.

Safety during COVID.

Memory cards are not erased until delivered or properly backed up on multiple drives.

Prompt communication.

I want to treat every client like you're my one and only!

Stephanie + Kenneth Sneaks-11.jpg


I am located in Salyersville in Eastern Kentucky. I also frequently visit my hometown of Springfield, Tennessee for sessions and weddings. Wedding packages include travel within a 2 hour radius of Salyersville, Kentucky. This includes areas of West Virginia and Ohio. 

A $100 travel fee may apply to Middle Tennessee weddings depending on the date, package, and venue. A $200 travel fee may apply to areas of Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, or Ohio that would require a hotel stay. However I always want to do everything I can to work with my couples so please reach out before assuming that a travel fee will be out of your budget! I am happy to chat with any couple, regardless of location!

Carissa + Robbie Wedding-4.jpg


The issue that's on everyone's minds: If we have to cancel due to COVID, will we lose thousands of dollars? I try to make my reschedule/cancellation policies as fair for all involved as I can. I keep my non-refundable retainers at a low $250, regardless of the total of the wedding package. This keeps you from losing 50% or more like other vendors require if changes are made. Currently there is no fee to reschedule and couples who book while the policy remains this way will be grandfathered in. If you downsize your event to an intimate elopement, I would still love to be a part! You may be able to make changes to your package, or let's make a day of it and do all the fun photo ops! If you need to reschedule for a date that I am not available, you may choose for me to send a skilled associate photographer in my place. I will still edit your images personally. If you choose to cancel entirely and have not yet received an engagement session, you may use your retainer towards a future session, or forfeit your retainer.

In all cases, I will always do right by my couples. I do not leave you scrambling at the last minute to find someone, or hang on to thousands of your dollars that have not been earned.

Amanda+Adam Wedding - Lead-251.jpg


Wondering how to book and if it's something you can afford to do right now?

Step 1: Browse Packages Here.

Step 2: Make sure my Portfolio aligns with your vision.

Step 3: Reach out with your date, venue, and the package or budget you have in mind.

Step 4: Receive an email with a link to your client portal. This enables you to login and view your open contracts, invoices, and questionnaires all in one place.

Step 5: Sign a contract and pay a $250 non-refundable retainer. You can choose to pay the remaining balance on your wedding day or sign up for an optional payment plan leading up to the big day.

Step 6: You're booked!

We will keep in touch as we create a custom day of timeline for photography and make sure all details are in order.

Davis Wedding-201.jpg


Leading up to your Wedding Day I'll send out a questionnaire that will help me to get a feel for the flow and events of the day. I will use this to create a Day of Photography Timeline. This helps me keep to make sure everything is included during my time. These are the items included on my Timelines (your questionnaire will tell me which ones you would like to include):


Details (rings, dress, flowers, invitations, jewelry, shoes)

Getting Ready

Groom/Groomsman Portraits

Bride/Bridesmaid Portraits

First Look (with groom/dad/bridesmaids/mom/dog/Best Man in a wedding dress/etc)

Couple's Portraits

Rest and Prepare Before The Ceremony


Family Groups

Sunset Couples Portraits

Reception Entrance


First Dances

Cake Cutting

Bouquet Toss

Garter Toss

Grand Exit (sparklers/fireworks/bubbles/car)


George Wedding-300.jpg


Let's get you married!

From a sweet First Look, to the tender moments with a mom suffering from dementia, to the tears of reflection watching a memorial slideshow in lieu of a father daughter dance... I'm there.

"She captures life in real time and has an eye for emotional moments as well as beauty."

MP Bride Carissa Murray

Carissa + Robbie 09.28.19-77.jpg

Real Life Moments

"Mama, I'm getting married today."

Meet MP Bride Carissa.

Carissa's dad passed away 15 years ago. Carissa's mom has early onset dementia. Her memory care home staff drove her from 30 minutes and stayed with her so that she could be a part of her daughter's big day. I don't think she ever understood that her daughter was getting married that day. Carissa softly repeated to her what was happening, but she was overstimulated by her surroundings. Carissa played 1960s music on her phone, which calmed her mom, who sang along. She could remember the music. Carissa had to make the hard decision to walk down the aisle with her uncle, as she knew the walk to the sanctuary and all of the people would be too much for her mom who kept saying she wanted to go home.

My motto is Real Life Relationships, Beautifully Captured.

Album product photo-1.jpg


A custom engraved USB drive containing your edited gallery of photos, complete with a matching box for storage, is included in most Wedding packages. These products will be a surprise design customized by me just for you based on the aesthetic of your wedding and engagement. If one is not included in your package it's just $50 more to add one on.

Albums, canvases, wood prints, metal prints, and gift sized prints on high quality photo paper can be ordered directly through your gallery or by reaching out to me. I will then place your order through my professional printing lab, and get your art delivered through you as quick as I can. I can't wait for you to see how beautiful your photos are when you hold them in your hands or hang them on your walls! 

However all prints are optional. While I would absolutely love every client to purchase wall art and albums, there is no high pressure sales pitch to trick you into spending thousands more than you've budgeted.

flash drive-1.jpg


4-6 weeks after your wedding date (but typically much sooner) your images will arrive!

First, you will receive an email link to your online gallery. All of the images you receive will be edited and yours to keep! No additional fees to purchase all your digitals. My galleries typically include 75 images per hour of coverage.

Post them, share them, print them, to your heart's content!

Love to show off your favorite photos on your phone? Create a favorite's list in your gallery of your top 100 images and send me a message to receive your Mobile Album App. This is a great way to pull up your photos anytime, anywhere! You'll even have an icon for your home screen! 

If your package includes a USB, please allow a few weeks after your online gallery for delivery. Your USB will arrive pre-loaded with all of the edited images from your gallery.